Whole-Taking Orders for July 2024 Delivery (app. 410 lbs) Free delivery to your home.


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We are currently taking orders for bulk whole, and 1/2 cow orders for July 2024. You can place the order and pay now to reserve your bulk beef.

Whole is app. 410 lbs @ $12.45 per lb. Total price is $5104.50. Free delivery to your home on our normal monthly delivery day based on your location. Delivery is typically the 3rd week of the month.  Here are the app lbs per cut you will receive:

  • Cut App. Lbs.
  • Back Ribs 8lbs
  • Brisket 14lbs
  • Chuck Roast 16lbs
  • Chuck Steaks 10lbs
  • Cross Rib/Shoulder Clod (arm) Roast 16lbs
  • Eye of the Round Roasts 5lb
  • Filet Steak 7lbs
  • Flank Steak 3lbs
  • Flap Steak 3.5lbs
  • Flat Iron Steaks 5lbs
  • Ground Beef 160lbs
  • Hanger Steak 1lb
  • Picanha 3lb
  • Liver 2.5lbs
  • London Broil/ Top Round 14lbs
  • Marrow Bones 6lbs
  • Knuckle/Meaty Neck Bones 6lbs
  • New York Steak 12lbs
  • Oxtail 2.5lbs
  • Petite Tenderloin 5lbs
  • Porterhouse 6.25lbs
  • Ribeye Steak 15lbs
  • Rump Roast 10lbs
  • Short Ribs-English 10bs
  • Short RIbs-Asian Style-7lbs
  • Sirloin Tip Roast 10lbs
  • Sirloin Tip Steaks 6lbs
  • Skirt Steak 3lbs
  • Soup Shanks 8lbs
  • Stew Meat/ Kabob 10lbs
  • Stir Fry/ Fajita 10lbs
  • Tongue 2lbs
  • Top Sirloin Steak 10lbs
  • Tri Tip Roast 4lbs

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