Brite Creek Farm!


We offer a variety of seasonal produce all grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers and non-GMO seed. Vegetables include: Carrots, beats, Lettuce, Chard, Cabbage, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Cauliflower and more…

We also offer pasture-raised eggs,  Chicken, Turkeys, Grassfed Beef, artisan food, baked goods and gifts. 

Our journey started
15 years ago

Our journey started 15 years ago when Hannah was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. Joint pain limited movement and a lifelong need for medication was the prognosis given by our doctors. After much prayer and months of research we decided to pursue nutritional and holistic methods of treatment. It was then that the Shipman family had a revelation: “All food is not equal and must be viewed as more than just fuel. Food helps our bodies flourish, feel good, are medicinal and restorative. Keeping our systems running as God intended. The changes included a switch to foods grown without the use of pesticides,  and whenever possible grassfed and pasture raised proteins.

After months of buying imported, low quality and expensive beef … something had to be done. I called my college roommate Jack Rice and we set out to raise our own 100% grassfed all-natural beef. That year we raised 2 animals kept some for ourselves and sold the rest to friends and family in Tehachapi… J&J Grassfed Beef was born!

In 2008 I quit my paying job to pioneer this new venture. J&J created one of the original meat CSA programs delivering to families and neighborhoods throughout southern CA and were one of the first grassfed beef ranchers to sell directly to consumers attending upwards of 12 farmers markets a week. But there is more to life than beef….

Our customers loved buying directly from us and would ask “why don’t you grow chicken…  vegetables and can we come visit you?” With these requests and our own expanding interests into rotational, multi species grazing and biodynamic farming… we started to pray and look for land.

Could the derelict, sage brush and rock covered property on the corner of Banducci and Highline Roads in Tehachapi be restored?

Brite Creek Farm started with dusty days of clearing brush, moving rocks and planting pasture! In 2018 we opened for business, growing our first crop of vegetables, pastured chickens, laying hens for eggs and of course our bread and butter…grassfed beef.

Our farm store is open weekly with all our products and our gate is always open for customers, tours and farm visits!

We strive to live, love and serve “The Brite Way” everyday through regenerative farming, healthy food, and strong relationships. We can’t imagine a better place for such a great purpose!

Brite Creek Farm

19641 Banducci Rd,

Tehachapi, CA 93561

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